Monday, January 28, 2008

Star of Coffee Prince on Marc Jacobs Bag

miss yun eun-hye on marc jacobs handbags

Maybe she thought no one would noticed about the bag and shoes she's wearing. The Coffee Prince and Princess Hours star, Miss Yun Eun-hye had on the same bag and shoes at the Fall collection of Marc Jacobs as she did a few days prior at that show. Doesn’t she realize the obligation of being a star that they can’t wear the same thing twice? That applies to shoes and bags as well!

However, this time, I admit that the heavy clunkers with the black fur dress is a better style match. Also it looks like she had her hair style into the fashionable bowl cut with heavy bangs that is so many stars are wearing these days.

The Marc Jacobs Show was held on August 31, 2007