Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cobblestones can be hell on your feet

Photo:  Leaving the courtyard of our hotel.

Cobblestones can be hell on your feet. Especially if you're wearing high heels. (Remember, all the fashion guides on what to wear in Paris specify "NO white sneakers" - so if you are style-conscious, chances are, you will find yourself in heels at some point in time during your stay in the City of Light.) And in Paris, there are LOTS of cobblestones. So while flipping through a magazine in the doctor's office this afternoon, I found something that may not help your poor little tootsies when walking on cobblestones but will certainly protect your precious high heels and which I just had to share with you:
Behold ... SoleMates!

"High Heel Protector
At last, the sole-ution to wearing high heels in grass, cobblestones, bricks, wooden decks, and over subway grates! A high heel protector that is discreet and easy to use, the SoleMates High Heeler™ attaches easily to most stiletto and high heels."  Ships Globally.

Get some for your Manhalo Blahniks!