Tuesday, April 5, 2011

For My Friend, Pat

Pat is a wonderfully sweet lady who was part of my tour group when I went to Paris in September. She is an artist, a special kind of artist - she does her work in IRON! Think Rosie the Riveter with a delicate peaches and cream complexion, curly hair and a southern accent. While we were in Paris, Pat was hellbent on seeing all things Monet. How wonderful then that there was an exclusive Monet exhibit during our stay at the Grand Palais! Plus we visited Monet's home and garden in Giverny, and of course, Pat went off on her own to stand on the street where Monet lived as a child and see his childhood home.

Since we left Paris at the end of September, Pat has been working diligently on an iron gate work of art for a charitable organization. So when I went to the Philadelphia Flower Show last month, where the theme was Springtime in Paris and I saw this fabulous display, I thought of Pat.

 This was a Monet inspired display that feature an interpretation of the artist's "Water Lilies" painting. It was designed by Michael Petrie's Handmade Gardens. It featured a formal layout of crossed paths and boxwood-lined beds that acted as a frame for large painted canvases that lay on the ground like ponds of reflective water.
And here is the beautiful sculptural ironwork gate by Greg and Camille Leavitt, which my friend Pat would admire, I am sure ...
 Leaves and flowers adorn the gate.

 Look at the detail ...
Isn't it simply marvelous?