Saturday, October 15, 2011

[Ran]dom: images

Hello! I've just returned from 5 days in Mainland China hunting for good product such as jewellery and garment items. The day in the jewellery trade city was definitely my favorite: corridors of various jewel suppliers: beads, feathers, pearls, fake pearls, mother of pearl you name it, they had it. If I wasn't a bit of a magpie it would have been overwhelming.  It's amusing that I know more business jargon in Mandarin then normal conversation, but useful nonetheless! So, behold lazy blogging: random fashioney [which I've decided is indeed a word] images I found on my laptop that I've absentmindedly collected. YOU'RE WELCOME.

Above, taken from Fashion Gone Rogue, photographer/ model unknown, but it was the undone boy boot that drew me. I need me some kick-around boots.
 An old Esteban Cortazar x Exito collection image that I thought was cool and very Christopher Kane meets Alexander Wang.

 Cool witchy vibes, again photographer/ blog origin unknown. Oops. Bad blogger.
 Above image taken [I believe] from's street comber. They collect all the best from global street style blogs. See their most recent one here.
A 2005 McGinley photograph, a style that is focused on notions of youth and liberation. Website here [NSFW].

That's all. Toodles.