Sunday, February 28, 2010

Celebrity Gossip: Lady Gaga Disses Doubting Ex

So that’s the story behind her songs and the way she dress. Would you imagine a guy telling you that you will not succeed or you will fail? That’s what Lady Gaga’s ex-boyfriend exactly told her. We’ll I guess to think you’re such a waste, this woman with courage just prove him wrong.
Lady Gaga is not arrogant it’s just a reality that she’s now a superstar. A lady who already know by the whole world. Who wouldn’t know her?

She succeeded with her own unique way, she does not imitate anyone. She does what she likes, and she wears what she likes. She even dance the way she wanted that no one has ever does.
This girl is a surprise. You’ll never know what she wears, and does next. She succeeded on her self alone, maybe with the help of her ex-boyfriend, but on the other way around. She was superbly encourage by the things his ex-boyfriend told her. She wanted to prove him wrong badly, and that’s what she actually did.

This girl is so delusionally ambitious, as she had mentioned herself. That’s the power of ambitions or dreams, for her, her ambitions makes her now a superstar.