Friday, May 28, 2010

"The Last Time I Saw Paris"

In preparation from my upcoming trip to Paris, and I watched "The Last Time I Saw Paris." 
Elizabeth is Taylor is beautiful in this flick! Halfway through the movie, she cuts her hair short and looks so gamine - like these famous gamine girls, one of whom is French ...
Here's a clip from the movie:
You can watch the movie - in full - online by clicking here.

"The Last Time I Saw Paris" is loosely based on the famous F. Scott Fitzgerald short story "Babylon Revisited" and stars Elizabeth Taylor and Van Johnson - along with a very young Roger Moore (who I never knew was so handsome, almost statue/Greek godlike). I enjoyed the snips of French spoken here and there in the movie. It tells the tale of Americans living in Paris, their dalliances and brush with fortune, as well as tragedy. At one point in the movie, Elizabeth Taylor's character, Helen - dressed in a yellow dress - is arrested for swimming in a public fountain and her husband has to go and get her. Later, they stop in a bar where an artist paints a picture of Helen emerging from the fountain in her yellow dress.

I wonder if the Paris bar where Helen is painted on the wall actually exists - does anyone know? Maybe I will have to go and look for it.

Until Paris ...