Monday, May 3, 2010

Lia Belle, Sydney

Inspiration print from Lia Belle's apartment
Inspiration print from Lia Belle's apartment
Do you see the seam in the middle of Lia Belle's Prada shoes?

Lia Belle HAD to have these Prada shoes, but they didn't have her size. She has very tiny feet, so this is a common issue for her.

Being the crafty Aussie that she is, she bought them in the nearest size she could find and took them to a shoe repair shop. There they removed the heel and cut-out a few centimeters from the middle length of the shoe. Then, they reattached the two severed pieces, re-sanded the heel, re-sewed the lining and refit the heel.

Sounds expensive, but she bought the shoes on sale for $250 and had $100 worth of alterations. Now, the shoes fit Lia Belle perfectly! No one can see the difference, AND she still spent less than the full retail price- smart lady.