Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Are you bringing your iPhone to Paris?

Bring The Paris Apartment iPhone app with you, too - it's called The Keys to The Fleas, and it's your guide to finding where all the great flea markets are all around the City of Light.

A lifetime of shopping the Paris markets has given author Claudia Strasser the chance to explore the labyrinth of French flea markets and brocantes. With her new flea market app, Keys to the Fleas, Paris, she shares her passion, years of research and trade secrets with you.

Whether you're planning a shopping trip or just want to daydream, this app will be your best friend and travel companion. You'll have the Keys to the Fleas in the palm of your hand.

It's got in-depth information on the Paris markets and brocantes by location & date, along with Métro stops, maps, and beautiful photos. It also includes some of great markets on the outskirts too so you can plan day trips easily.

And for the icing on le gâteau, she reveals where the bargains are stashed and how to ship it all home without hassle the way the pros do!
- From iTunes Preview of The Keys to The Fleas iPhone app
Get it here and visit Claudia's blog here.