Friday, July 2, 2010

Life meets TV meets Sorority Life - Again!

I told you about my obsession with Sorority Life, a Social Network game where we get to go to PARIS and have fun, buy glam, and pick fights. (If  not, just click the label below to catch up). Anyway, as part of my get-ready-for-the-big-trip-to-Paris doings, I taped and watched Sex in The City: An American Girl in Paris (Part Une) on Sunday night, which was excellent! I missed that episode and its follow-up (Part Deux) when they originally aired. OK ... so what did Carrie wear to Paris? And did she eat macarons? Well, she arrived "on the scene" at her hotel in Paris wearing an adorable striped dress and hat. Here's the dress on Carrie ...
And here's the dress on my Sorority Life "doll." The dress is new glam that was just added today.
Can you say "Kismet"?! Now ... how do I get a dress like that in real life?

Here's some of the Sex and The City: An American Girl in Paris (Part Une) episode, for your viewing pleasure.

Until Paris ... I'm counting days now, not months.