Friday, May 6, 2011

Girl Crush: Credit Card TV ad: yes, her name is bambi

New word of the day: tchotchkes. It generally means random knickknacks or items that mainly serve a decorative purpose and connote a sense of disposability. Sometimes used to describe pretty youthful girls [I didn't make this up, and yes I'm slightly offended at the disposable idea applying to women]. Commonly used in New York vernacular. Use it in a sentence once today. Ennehweighs...onto more frivolous things...

Model du jour: Bambi Northwood Blyth ["GUUUURL" I hear you cry. Child, Bambi is just a nickname. Her real name is....who cares? With a nickname like that? Let the outstanding journalism continue...] from Australia. Despite being 5'7" [insert inevitable comparison to Kate Moss], she has quickly risen up the ranks and walked for a slew of designers including Chanel. With brows that Sandy Cohen would be proud of. Me being the devoted fashion/ editorial acolyte that I am, I first spotted her in this photo spread by Beau Grealy. It was girl crush at first sight. I still harbour fanciful dreams of becoming a fashion photographer and these are the kinds of photos that inspire me.

Her in current CK one campaign with modeling heavyweights [figuratively not literally speaking] Lara Stone and Abbey K.

You'll have to forgive my weird mood. I literally have been up for 30 + hours straight. This started with impromptu ladies night on Thursday as a friend from uni was in town. 5 hrs, 4 sangrias, 2 jello shots and whatever else led to much tequila texting and painful hangover the next day compounded by general feeling of malaise. In all my infinite wisdom I had also agreed to be part of an overnight shoot last night, which turned out to be a credit card TV ad that was shot in Elements mall. Now, anyone who's ever watched Where The Heart Is, starring a [fictitiously] knocked up Natalie Portman who gets abandoned by her hick of a boyfriend at a Walmart in Oklahoma and ends up secretly living in the shopping centre for 6 weeks, has surreptitiously, fleetingly, harboured a desire to sneak into a mall and stay past closing hours. Don't lie. I know you have. Or at least you will when you watch the film (see trailer bottom of page). Stay with me! There is a point to this convoluted story. See glamorous setting below:And so the only thing mentally propping me up last night amidst a hangover, sleep deprivation, annoyingly chatty fellow "stars" [nah they were nice, just a bit too peppy for me in my fragile state] was the fulfillment of a dream I've had since I was 14. Staying overnight in a mall. You know what they say, dream big!! And malls in Hong Kong have stuff like cinemas, ice rinks, water fountains, and CRYSTAL-BEDAZZLED MERCEDES BENZS [benzes?!]. Yeah Walmart, suck it.

Male models being paid to repeatedly to run past me holding boxes of wine. I've had worse days at work

Very 28 days later

Spent a hefty amount of time being sprayed with confetti in this scene.

Got bored, took photos of flowers I liked in Three Sixty. [NIC: HINT]

Oh and remember Rizo from Grease? Played by Stockard Channing who also stars in this film. Kind of funny considering Natalie Portman is pregnant for real now, 11 years after this film came out.

I need a bucket of froyo and a hug. Hangovers, overnighters [this was a "working" one]: self inflicted, ever deserving of sympathy?

Am so going to watch Where the Heart is now.