Monday, May 16, 2011

Stuff I bought: Bows, dusty pink, and bloomers

In the blogging grand tradition of too-much-information, I've decided to post my recent sartorial purchases online for all ye to share in my clothes gluttony. Due to my current quest for bargains, I briefly braved the cacophony of Hong Kong's street shops to fill in what I deemed were perfectly acceptable gaps in my wardrobe [see pink bloomers below. Totes in style right now, despite the fact that yes they do make you look a bit bigger. But for some reason, I had to have them]. Note dusty pink blazer, a piece I've been lusting over for a while in various shops. As I am directing most of my immediate savings to The Ibiza Fund [girlie trip to Ibiza in September: woop slash omg expensive] I steered clear of any brands in my retail therapy. A lot of shops here don't let you try on clothes before purchase and rarely allow refunds [one gives up this right when a shirt sets you back a mere 79HKD]. And so, a lot of fashion guesswork ensues. I literally had to restrain myself from buying things I already had/ really didn't need [need is a very relative term in fashion]. Mustard yellow Herve leger -esque bandage style miniskirt for 65HKD? Put back on the rack. What I needed was smart casual clothes I could go to work in that were humidity proof. I'm talmbout HK weather. Straighteners are basically useless in our sauna of a summer. But I digress.

Behold! The chode of a shirt: wider than it is long. I loved the batwing style of the sleeves and slightly hick string tie at the bottom. [Note: my work dress code is pretty slack, perhaps the chode-farmy shirt would not be appropriate for other jobs. Take heed.]

Behold! Dress that looks hideous on hanger but stunning on person. Seriously. Plus it's totes sparkly.

Chode shirt #2. Best with high waisted skirts/ trousers lest midriffs are not welcome at work.

And the aforementioned pink bloomers. 89HKD. I love Hong Kong.