Friday, June 24, 2011

ViVi magazine scans: Japanese fashion editorial heaven

Hectic crazy week! More on that later.....So once again I find myself talmbout Japanese fashion. Spying a copy of ViVi magazine in 7 Eleven, one of many Japanese fashion publications that I peruse, I treated myself to a copy. It is literally one giant editorial slash catalogue from cover to cover. I absolutely adore Japanese style, having documented it before in previous blog posts on street style when I had the pleasure of gracing the sartorial heaven that is this Asian isle. As they are arbiter of all things style-related [evident by being one of the top luxury fashion consumers on the planet] I thought I would scan my favorite pages/looks for ye readers, natch. And so behold a sea of seventies silhouettes, straw boater hats, and cute little details such as the heart-shaped zipper as seen on the dress above.

I want to go back!