Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Narcissism: the best [twitter] gift

It is my brother's birthday today. A couple of months ago, I started brainstorming what the perfect gift for him would be. As per usual when faced with an important task I immediately procrastinated and went a surfin' on the Internet. Which as fate would have it offered up the perfect gift for a young, social-media proficient adult.

And so, behold as I present to you: Narcissism. Basically, I was reading a trend watch blog [would totes look for it now and paste the link here if I was so inclined to dig through my web page history] and stumbled across a Dutch website that creates portraits out of a users twitter feed. A users image composed of a mosaic of the users words. Brilliant, humble fun. Do not be fooled into thinking Kunst Buzz is for any over PG-13 related use - they are a graphic design website that have utilised social media in their products. Click here if you seek twitter portraits - it simply uses the current twitter profile picture and composes it using the tweets, in a variety of color combinations. Bad news for those who aren't current residents of Holland: at present one has to order within Holland. Despite my rather dubious Dutch past and passport [only lived there as a wee lass] I was lucky to have a computer proficient friend there who helped me out. Note that if one chooses a photo different to the current twitter profile pic [as I did] expect extra charges.

It really is a one-of-a-kind gift. And awesome fun seeing a person's tweets all together on one page.

Happy birthday!

Lots of love