Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tote[s]: Fendi Vintage Bag

Allow me to dust off my keyboard [so to speak], stop promiscuously hopping from one blog to the next, stop googling the Bana and actually commit, somewhat, to a blog entry. As I continue to journey through my self-inflicted Ibiza-caused penury, I realise that I often end up using only about 10% of my wardrobe as I rotate one summer dress after another. [I know...stop the presses!] And this especially extends to my [non extensive] bag 'collection'.

As I often head straight from work to play to netball to boyfriend's abode, I prefer roomy totes to small dainty bags. My Mulberry Bayswater normally does the trick. But I was delighted when I unearthed this vintage Fendi bag from my room, having [criminally!] forgotten about it the first time I had received it as a sartorially-challenged and fashion-ignorant teen. Fye on my adolescent self.

So, what qualifies an item as vintage, I hear ye fashpeeps cry? It must be at least seven years old. As it was previously used by my mother [she of blogger fame!] it definitely passes the test. Its fragility only adds to its beauty. As the stripes trend continues to dominate fashion, I shall totes be toting this along to Ibiza next week.