Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hong Kong Street Style: The Marmite of the fashion world

A hat floats amongst a sea of denim at a HK Fashion Week trend forecasting event. [This is before the Mexican Wave which was foisted upon us. Yes, Nic, foist IS a word.]

I've been seeing these rather quirky winged Jeremy Scott- esque flip flops around.

Layer of lace: I see these everywhere here. A purely aesthetic item that appears to have no function whatsoever except to look cute [the fashion equivalent of Chihuahuas]. Which is, of course, perfectly acceptable.

Behold: the Marmite of the fashion world [you either love it or hate it!], right up there with harem pants and empty glasses frames ["eye dresses" as I saw them once advertised]. Flatforms. Or in Prêt-à-Porter algebra: Flat + platforms. Sartorial troglodytes or eccentric footwear? I'm still on the fence about these but they are endemic to the Hong Kong fashionista. Like gladiator sandals or pleated cropped trousers, I'll need a bit more exposure to this before the late-adopter in me accepts them.

Loving the Aztec theme that's currently emerging from the catwalks to the sidewalks.