Tuesday, November 8, 2011

If I were a Prince[ss] and not a Pauper + Bag supplier market recap

Michael by Michael Kors Jet Set Python Effect leather tote

Why hello Michael Kors Tote. Pleasure to make your acquaintance.  

I was perusing handbags on Net-a-Porter.com the other day [purely in a work capacity, natch]. As I was keeping an eye out for current trends and making sure bags that we had ordered weren't too 'inspired' by designer totes, I chanced upon a couple of exquisite pieces that I had to share [images from Net-a-Porter]. I'm always privy to a bit of snakeskin, but I do believe Michael Kors nailed it. I want. [Is that the sound of jingle bells and carols I hear?]  

I'm sure I've said this before, but in the world of fashion there is nothing that overlaps form and function quite so succinctly as a good bag. This may account for women's hysteria over certain it-bags and also accounts for their fairly high price points. Ergo my chagrin, and the title of the post alluding to my penury, the bane of my blogess and fashionista aspirations. 

Nancy Gonzalez Calf hair and crocodile ladylike tote

As you can see, I have a certain affinity for [preferably faux] animal print [a sign that I was a child of the eighties?]. When judging a good bag, size shares the bench with a host of other considerations. Weight. Longevity of design. Quality of material [I tend to prefer bags with minimal hardware and lining as these are often the first things to deteriorate].

I was in the bag supplier market in Guang Zhou the other week [just north of Hong Kong] with European buyers selecting ranges, and although women never seem to tire of new bags, we had to make sure not to overlap on too many design aspects. Needless to say, it was a lot of fun. Bag trends that I saw? A lot of faux ostrich fabric, long strap options on pretty much every handbag,  a few blatant knockoffs that we steered clear of, and generally a more minimalist boxy shape emerging. Oh, and heaps of animal skin. Mostly fake. Although I did see one supplier well-versed in crocodile skin: they even had a baby crocodile claw [paw?!] keyring. I was very tempted to buy it for a vegetarian friend [reason prevailed and I didn't]. Can't wait to see how the snakeskin print we selected turns out!
Kors by Michael Kors Python Pumps

And how can an outfit be complete without a showstopping shoe?

When it comes to accessories, ladies, more is more am I right? Or is that the tail of emotion and aesthetics wagging the dog of reason? All I know is, when Michael Kors started designing, wardrobes the world over gained an ally, and wallets an enemy.