Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Stuff I bought: Versace for H & M, D & G and faux animal skin

When it came to the Versace for H & M collection, I read the fashion blogosphere warnings of stampedes and long queues with trepidation. As a girl who values [and really needs] her beauty sleep I refused to get up at the advised 4 am start last Wednesday on the opening day. Needless to say, I was casually passing by H & M on Sunday, and couldn't suppress a moment of curiosity. Low and behold there were indeed a few Versace items left on the rack. "Totes amaze!" quothed I, hastily checking the garment sizes as my boyfriend looked on with a mixture of disinterest and judgement. He'd never seen me move so fast.

"I don't get it", he said as I, pupils dilated and heartbeat racing, flicked past the numerous pink fringe dresses that were clearly the runt of the collection. I ended up purrrrr-chasing a divine draped red dress that I had my eye on from the start but had given up hope of acquiring. A very Grecian drape meets slightly superhero-esque cape, with studs on the shoulder. The stretch jersey fabric gleefully betrayed its size EU 32 [UK 4], and, thankfully, it fit like a dream. Oh, and the gorgeous turquoise leopard-print garment bag and velvet hanger were the icing on the sartorial cake. I EXCITE. Just in time for the Christmas party season!

In other hedonistic news, I interrupted my furtive Christmas shopping with a present[s] for myself. Behold Tory Burch paraphernalia. Above: faux reptilian glossy shape shifter that works as a clutch or two different side bag configurations [note different places to attach strap]. Below, my new wallet and makeup bag. Yes, I may have a slight inclination for animal skin prints!

Above: I received word of a Dolce and Gabbana sample sale. Having heard the news that their diffusion line D & G was being closed down, I thought that this was justification enough to attend. Once again, news that was great for my wardrobe but not my wallet. Behold, more animal print. Sadly, no fitting was allowed [major sad face] so I avoided any complication and went with simple garments.

Hong Kong yields great bargain no-brand gems if one looks carefully [a task that I happily take upon myself. Fashion martyr, moi?] Above: a jacket by Korean fashion "house" 'The M and M' [in no way affiliated with the rapper or candy] is my current fav, perfect for the faux-winter that Hong Kong pathetically teases us with.

Above, magpie tendencies quickly satiated. Imagine my surprise when I notice Rachel Zoe, Hollywood stylist extraordinaire, wearing a very similar leopard ring. It turns out, my trinket was 'inspired' by the Panthere de Cartier Ring. The original is 18k yellow gold, Peridot (eyes), Onyx (nose) and Black Laquer (spots) and it's priced around USD $14,600. Nice.

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