Thursday, April 26, 2012

KIEV - mercedes-benz kiev fashion days, day 1


KIEV - mercedes-benz kiev fashion days, bonus 1


KIEV - mercedes-benz kiev fashion days


REYKJAVÍK - reykjavik fashion festival, day 2


REYKJAVÍK - reykjavik fashion festival

VIENNA - marta, akademiestrasse


LONDON - rose, tottenham street


MILAN - kasia, vittorio veneto


CHISINAU (MOLDOVA) - victoria & olga


BUCHAREST - doina & anna


ŁODZ - fashion week poland 1


ŁODZ - fashion week poland


Tote[s]: Fendi Vintage Bag

Allow me to dust off my keyboard [so to speak], stop promiscuously hopping from one blog to the next, stop googling the Bana and actually commit, somewhat, to a blog entry. As I continue to journey through my self-inflicted Ibiza-caused penury, I realise that I often end up using only about 10% of my wardrobe as I rotate one summer dress after another. [I know...stop the presses!] And this especially extends to my [non extensive] bag 'collection'.

As I often head straight from work to play to netball to boyfriend's abode, I prefer roomy totes to small dainty bags. My Mulberry Bayswater normally does the trick. But I was delighted when I unearthed this vintage Fendi bag from my room, having [criminally!] forgotten about it the first time I had received it as a sartorially-challenged and fashion-ignorant teen. Fye on my adolescent self.

So, what qualifies an item as vintage, I hear ye fashpeeps cry? It must be at least seven years old. As it was previously used by my mother [she of blogger fame!] it definitely passes the test. Its fragility only adds to its beauty. As the stripes trend continues to dominate fashion, I shall totes be toting this along to Ibiza next week.

Hong Kong Street Style: The Marmite of the fashion world

A hat floats amongst a sea of denim at a HK Fashion Week trend forecasting event. [This is before the Mexican Wave which was foisted upon us. Yes, Nic, foist IS a word.]

I've been seeing these rather quirky winged Jeremy Scott- esque flip flops around.

Layer of lace: I see these everywhere here. A purely aesthetic item that appears to have no function whatsoever except to look cute [the fashion equivalent of Chihuahuas]. Which is, of course, perfectly acceptable.

Behold: the Marmite of the fashion world [you either love it or hate it!], right up there with harem pants and empty glasses frames ["eye dresses" as I saw them once advertised]. Flatforms. Or in Prêt-à-Porter algebra: Flat + platforms. Sartorial troglodytes or eccentric footwear? I'm still on the fence about these but they are endemic to the Hong Kong fashionista. Like gladiator sandals or pleated cropped trousers, I'll need a bit more exposure to this before the late-adopter in me accepts them.

Loving the Aztec theme that's currently emerging from the catwalks to the sidewalks.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Week through Instagram 2 ...

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Quick Instagram post ...
Here are my last two weeks in photos:
1. time for my babies ...
2. weekend with my mom at the market (favorite thing to do on early Saturday/Sunday) ...
3. went with Jovana to visit one fashion atelier before grand opening ( Darko Kostic couture) ...
4. short family road trip and crazy sky ...
5. babies before their new haircut ;) ...
6. i also did some of arm swag ...
7. one more beautiful nature photo taken from the car ...
8. new foundation, pretty satisfied for now ...
9. get dressed for Coachella in my head ;) ....

What were you doing? ;)