Sunday, June 20, 2010

Modern day Venus

An editorial I found starring Laetitia Casta, one of my favorite models, shot by Vincent Peters

More found here
It's bizarre that seeing such a voluptuous woman is a novelty in a magazine. I didn't post this with the intention of commenting on curvy vs. skinny models in fashion so I won't delve into it too deeply. The short curly hair and curvy pin-up styling are a real nod to the fifties, a much more 'innocent' and optimistic era fashion-wise where women were celebrated for their femininity and poise, and fashion predictably followed suit with female-friendly shapes and nipped-in waists to enhance that classic hourglass silhouette. Perhaps the various feminist waves, move towards equality of the sexes and androgyny into the sphere of women has effected all areas of society, including the way that female fashion models look today? Note the androgyny of (another of my favorite models) Eliza Cummings. Don't feel alarmed if you noticed a slight resemblance to 'The King' - you certainly aren't the first.