Monday, June 14, 2010

surfin' n streakin'

I found some pretty cool images as I was perusing the web. Here are some photographs of Swedish designer Fannie Schiavoni's heavy metal body chains (courtesy of Urban Outfitter's blog). I just thought that the images were pretty cool, right down to the styling and green hair streaks. Although, perhaps such edgy hair-dying should be confined purely to fashion shoots and editorials (olsen twins, I love you, but please take note).

I stumbled across model turned photographer Lina Scheynius' photography site. As we continue to mourn the loss of the classic Polaroid camera (the new one is just not the same), have a look at some of her gorgeous old polaroid pictures:

More of her photos here. Slightly holga-esque, don't you think? Compare with these holga photos of mine. However, they have been cross-processed and are far more color-saturated. Can't wait for summer!

Summer style notes:

a Yes for this awesome swimsuit line, We Are Handsome. Even if not worn poolside, teamed with a high waisted skirt and some gladiator sandals would be a good look (good lord, I really WAS born in the eighties).

And a No (from my picky wardrobe anyway) for the Hello Kitty/ Doc Marten collaboration (see here). Aren't tough-as-nails Docs and sweet little Hello Kitty pretty much mutually exclusive, stylistically, in every way? Or perhaps that is exactly why it would work, perhaps there is a certain genius in the combination of something so alternative with something so girly and mainstream? As if Lady Gaga and Britney had a love child and it happened to be a shoe? That's a very bizarre analogy isn't it? Are these unnecessary questions beginning to get annoying? Well, I was never a Doc Marten or Hello Kitty girl anyway...

For those who enjoy surfing style blogs, see my inspiration(s): The rise of the style bloggers.