Thursday, January 13, 2011


I saw this girl on the platform of a train station on the way to work. I loved the two-toned mixed fabric part pvc, part cotton leggings she was rocking.

A picture of Lindsey Wixson from Life. com, full slideshow here, that I really liked. I thought it was pretty cool that you could see the photographer in it as well. It's just a real, 'normal' moment of a girl who is on billboards everywhere, and even in real life with no makeup she turns heads.

A snapshot taken by one of my favorite photographers, mark 'the cobra snake', website here. I want his life!

A window display in a shop in Beijing. I love it when interiors have a vintage theme. I want a phone like that!

A couple wearing matching shoes, a not uncommon site in Hong Kong (unless you happen to be the Beckhams).

This is what I was confronted with on my way to work one morning. Completely unexpected but it put a smile on my face. Why are so many children's characters kind of creepy? Having said that, I would love to spend the day dressed as Spongebob. Only so that I could carry out the most mundane errands without batting an eyelid.