Friday, February 18, 2011

I love Eric Bana. And this bag.

This is Ismay. I really like her bag. It's working both the minimalist boxy shape of purses which is on trend this season, which juxtaposes the very un-minimalist leopard print, stud and leather-look that has endured for a season or too. Very Rachel Zoe with a strap on!!!...ha not really. I've always wanted an excuse to end a sentence "it's...with a strap on!" but I'm just not cool enough. Speaking of straps, I do like the thin chain strap option that allows one to wear it as a side bag. Surprise surprise, it's from Maple, Hong Kong's stylish facsimile to, say, Topshop, but at Primarni prices [that's Primark, or "Preeemark" if you're Welsh. See, I'm culturally aware, y'all].

Do you know what I love about blogs? I can pretty much write what I like, in whatever level of grammar and punctuation that takes my fancy,.,. Yes that's a comma full stop comma full stop situation right there [this man has forever ruined that word for me. There really is no good alternative or synonym for that word]. Despite my lexicon jests, and as demonstrated by my acute punctuation skills, I've always considered working at a magazine, having interned at WestEast magazine in Hong Kong one summer during university, but fear that it might not be the most lucrative career. Sigh. I envy those with more fruitful career passions, such as those who actually enjoy Law or trading or other prosperous careers. I like fashion and photography, and so will probably end up penniless like the old woman who lived in her shoe. Which would be alright if they were Manolos. And there were no children involved.

Oh and I really really like Eric Bana.