Monday, February 21, 2011

Tab-oo embellishments, bubbly and a soirée

Somewhere, on a typical Saturday night in Hong Kong in February, between a tiny bar called 'Soirée' and a rather eclectic store called 'curios court' [sic] full of Mao statues in various sizes (which become gradually creepier as one gets more inebriated), the often mutually exclusive realms of style and sustainability collided. As my friend Brandon [pictured] and I engaged in a tête-à-tête, I noticed the most curious but quirky cool of accessories: he had slipped a can tab onto a hoop earring to create the most original of embellishments. The neon sign advertising happy massages next door practically made it gleam. That's one of the things I love about Hong Kong, how often high and low brow establishments are right next to each other.

Cursing myself for having left my camera at home, I had to make do with a grainy photo from my Galaxy. Which actually turned out rather well despite the fact that for some reason I cannot fathom, Samsung decided not to put a flash into a mobile phone that is pretty much better than the iphone in every other way. Why?? Koreans, Why??!

As I sipped on my glass of champagne while trying to avoid making eye contact with numerous mini Maos that I swear were staring me down and judging my hedonistic capitalist behaviour, Brandon amused us with a story of how he started this look in Tokyo rather recently and actually saw a designer rip off his design. So I offered to record the origin of this fanTABulous style [haha...cheesy I know] by blogging it. People, when this trend explodes, when you see Lady Gaga wearing can tab jewellery, and they credit the Japanese, just know that you saw it on Brandon on here first!

The soirée at Soirée [chortle] was to celebrate the birthday of two friends of mine, Scott and Kenny. Hong Kong lacks a creative vibe at times, and what was great about this party was the number of people in the creative industry, be it styling/modelling/ graphic design etc, outweighed the number of bankers for once To all my friends in finance, I apologise. But I doubt you're reading this. Love you. One male stylist had on the most amazing Rick Owens wedge boots with a spike coming out the back. Alas, I lacked a camera. Fashion blogger FAIL on my part. I had to comfort myself with the mini burgers and mini cupcakes that were floating around. That and the open bar. Bubbly + burgers + sugar = happy times. Algebra that we can all get behind. And of course, copious dancing afterwards to burn of said calories. This was a more creative industry crowd after all.

In other news, my previous blog post got relatively high viewership. I think it had something to do with "Eric Bana" being in the title. SO tempted to put that in every subsequent blog post title...

au revoir