Thursday, February 3, 2011


Does it follow that I reject all authority? Perish the thought. In the matter of boots, I defer to the authority of the boot-maker.
Mikhail Bakunin: well-known Russian revolutionary and theorist of collectivist anarchism

Crystal-studded suede ankle boots from Alexander McQueen. I'm not normally a fan of the open-toe boot, but these ones I love. Note the skull detail on the zipper, very McQueen.

Hanneli Mustaparta, a well-know fashion blogger and model, who captures street-style as well as her own chic style on her blog. Love the preppy camel jacket and sweater made edgy with the addition of leather bloomers and boots. That's right, I said leather bloomers. The love child of rock and roll and the Victorian era. Gwen Stefani eat your heart out.
Steve Madden shoes that I covet. Above, the 'Neley'. Below, the 'Paralel'. Three issues spring to mind:
  1. When did over the knee high boots become acceptable in normal everyday fashion as opposed to confined safely to street corners on hookers and in Jersey Shore on women...that dress like hookers? I'm aware that each subsequent generation dresses more promiscuously than the last, but still. In my defence (or defense, if you're American) I like the above boot design mainly due to the mix of fabrics.

  2. I always wonder how bags, shoes and other fashion items are named and who has the honor of bestowing such monikers . If I were more of an English grammar stickler, I would point out that actually 'Paralel' is spelt incorrectly and should be spelt 'Parallel', but that's not really my style. Steve Madden is clearly a fashion company not a publishing one. Zing!

  3. I love making lists. Evidently. Think of it as my inner Monica Gellar.
Spelling lessons aside, Steve Madden do make damn good boots. I've been looking for a good pair of tomboyish kick-around boots like the pair below. It's the kind of shoe that would toughen up a girly dress very nicely.

Kate Moss sporting similar booties in a gypsy-inspired editorial in V magazine. Tough boots + feminine dress + supermodel waif = Winning sartorial combination.

Below: an example of how my pursuit for everyday endimanché overrides common sense. I saw them in a Chinese shop in Hong Kong from a tiny unknown brand. Even though they were slightly too small, my aesthetic urge won and I still bought them. In that moment, I suddenly empathised with Cinderella's physically unfortunate sisters. Alas, being a shoe size 39/40 eu does not bode well for my closet in Hong Kong; it only bodes well for my wallet. Touché. [Insert bad joke about my need for studs].

Street style snaps of some wedge boots I liked.

I like the furry white wedge boots above. A pair that wouldn't look amiss on the recent Chanel runway. I also like the juxtaposition of the white lace over the black tutu, like a slightly dark Alice in Wonderland. Combined with the pleated mocha-colored handbag, it's an outfit of various textures and fabrics. Conventionally the old adage is "less is more", but here "more is more" actually works.

The boyish boots combined with studded fringe bag are what caught my eye in this outfit.

A lion dance is literally occurring right outside my window, jolting me out of the blog zone back into the Chinese New Year celebrations occurring here. Amidst the popping of the firecrackers, take the opportunity to ponder the success of your previous resolutions and perhaps make new ones. Here are the resolutions of celebrated actress and fashion mag staple Chloe Sevigny [or an amazing drag impersonator] who implores you to think outside the boot.