Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Black Swan/ Eye Spy

For the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens this year (Hong Kong's version of Mardi Gras: it's technically a "Rugby event" but who are they kidding, it's all about tipsy dressed-up fun), a group of us girls have been inspired by Black Swan to don tutus, tiara and black makeup for what is basically the largest outdoor dress up party in Hong Kong. Alas, Rodarte will not be designing our ballerina outfits, which is probably for the best as this is one notoriously messy party. Although there has been controversy about Rodarte getting the credit they deserve for designing 40 costumes for the film, one can't help but notice their exquisite designs. I saw Black Swan for the first time over the weekend: haunting, beautiful, refreshing but scary film-making. Every frame is an aesthetic feast. A well deserved Oscar for its leading lady Natalie Portman. Who has a fantastic name I might add. Below, one of my favorite scenes from the film.

In other news, I chanced upon these eccentric sunglasses designs the other day in a recent Hong Kong sunglasses trade show magazine. I especially like the Eiffel tower and Kiss inspired designs.

Below: I love the notion of eye wear as an "eye dress". Note to geeks everywhere, rock those eye dresses with pride! (Unless you're a boy: calling them eye dresses may make everything infinitely worse).

Seemed fitting due to the current trend for geeky frames as mere accessories versus functional pieces.
Right, I must bid adieu and go collect my tiara.