Friday, March 18, 2011

"Nice ring! May I...?"

Happy (belated) St. Patrick's day! Last night, on my way out from work for lychee martinis (which were dyed green for the occasion), I stopped off at my usual photo-processing shop, a tiny hole in the wall in Yau Ma Tei which is one of the few places that processes Lomography/ holga film. Analogue film photography neophytes and general "wtf??"ers click here. Due to the fact that the film is 120mm medium format (as opposed to the usual 35mm format) it is rather hard to find suitable camera shops in Hong Kong that cater to my quirky camera obsession. My holga has been in hibernation for literally half a year, collecting dust. I found 2 full rolls the other day that I had completely forgotten about. Am very intrigued to see how the photographs will turn out, I recall using a red color filter for one roll (this is on top of the multi-colored flash. I'm not a minimalist when it comes to photography!)

The Chinese lady behind the counter and facilitator to my holga substance abuse problem immediately recognised a holga addict when she saw me approaching. " 'Sup" quothed she, swinging her bowl cut in a manner that suggests a strong case of Bieber fever . I was all " 'Bout it 'bout it" as I gave her my rolls of film (rolls of film! How antiquated). Gleefully catching sight of her key-design ring, I immediately wondered what would be the least awkward way to ask her if I could photograph it (a blogger's occupational hazard). She kindly acquiesced. And so behold bowl-hair lady's awesome accessory. (I wish I had taken her snapshot actually, her hair was pretty cute). And yes, the above photo was posed. Chortle.