Thursday, March 24, 2011

Inspiration: Street style/ Graffiti

Yu Li and Yvette
Inspiration can come from anywhere. Last weekend we were in Kee club for a friend's leaving party. In a sea of leopard print and LBDs, I felt slightly out of place in my monochrome plaid mini-skirt, black leotard and dark plum lipstick (perhaps I was subconsciously channelling the '90s witchy vibe of The Craft ladies.) Turning to dutch courage to ease my mood, we danced along to some wonderfully trashy eighties music. I noticed a rather eclectic pair in the corner boogeying away. Blithely unaware of social boundaries, I immediately plotted with my friends on how to interrupt their tête-à-tête. "I'll distract the white guy, then you can swoop in!" one of my girlfriends offered helpfully, clutching her mojito. Felicitously, the crowd of dancing peoples parted like a human red sea, and, whether due to bravery or foolishness (two traits that are never mutually exclusive) I approached them and was lucky enough to get a quick shot. Apparently the androgynous Alexander Wang look-alike and his foxy lady friend had just come from a fancy dress party. The infamous Miu Miu naked lady motif was a designer giveaway on his sweater. I think I equally loved the fact that he wore harem-style grey pants to a nightclub. And I'm a fan of any girl in tulle. Not in a creepy way.

I do have a tendency to over-elaborate on how I get my street style shots. Chortle.

Below: some shots of graffiti in Central, Hong Kong that I thought were pretty cool.

I wonder who is responsible for the fat, alcoholic Batman adorning our streets?