Monday, March 21, 2011

Recreating Paris

Every effort went into recreating Paris at the Philadelphia Flower Show, which ended on March 13th. In my last post I told you had more photos to share. Here are just some of them. I tried to pick out ones to show you how the exhibits throughout the show tried to recreate different aspects of the City of Light. From the Eiffel Tower ... to the shops ... and even "underground" Paris.
Here you can see the base of the Eiffel Tower structure at the center of the exhibit floor, where the exhibit creators used "trompe l'oeil" to make it appear as if the tower went up and through the Convention Center's ceiling. Notice the pretty cherry blossom tree...
More detail of the base of the tower
Even Paris' underground catacombs were represented at the show. It must have been a challenge to try to figure what kind of flowers to put in this display!
An art gallery such as you might find in Montmartre.
All kinds of food was available at kiosks along the outskirts of the exhibit floor. We had a wrap like this. Ours was called "The Parisian."
These hanging flower displays remind me of kites.
Here's a very lush outdoor bistro where you must stop to have a glass of wine and perhaps some fromage?
Isn't Paris grand?
Pretty pink azalea, one of my favorites.
This pastry shop needs more sweets in the window, don't you think? But it's all about the flowers at the flower show.
This reminds me of the kind of floral arrangements you might find in the lobby of a five-star hotel.
More flowers as you might find along a walk in the park
Another piece of stage setting like the pastry shop - this time a parfumerie. While at the flower show I had the pleasure to try on some vintage French perfume at one of the vendor booths.
Isn't this beautiful?
Happy Spring!