Sunday, March 13, 2011

Jewellery trade show, street style, vintage and sparkly brogues

My new favorite word of the moment. Clusterfuck. Learnt it from watching Kell on Earth, an awesome show about Kelly Cutrone and her New York based fashion PR company. If you are curious about fashion PR, watch it. I implore you.

A rather varied series of blog posts, slightly overdue. Due to unforeseen technical difficulties (laptop cable broke. I got it in Beijing. “Fool!!” I hear you cry. Shyeah. But that’s what you get for anything electrical under 100 RMB. Bygones.) And been rather busy of late kicking netball ass, working, visiting factories. Finding out that I am a youtube star (See around the 2.05 mark. Little girl with blonde curls. Getting knocked over by a model airplane twice her size. No jokes, c'est moi).

Here are random snaps, mainly street style, from when I have been out and about..

Above and below: some cool jewellery I found at Maple.

Above: I've seen quite a few of these mirrored platforms around.
Chanel on Canton road, TST. Apparently the most profitable one in the world: where many mainland Chinese tourists tend to indulge their 2.55 cravings. What kind of store has velvet ropes and a queue?
On Saturday I visited the lomography shop to stock up on holga camera film, and found one of the few vintage stores in Hong Kong. Literally called Vintage HK. Found awesome quirky Lennon esque shades that would not look amiss on an Olsen twin. Key necklace from Harajuku, red top from Maple. I like the idea of vintage, especially in terms of sustainability, but sometimes it is just a really clever marketing ploy to label something that is simply USED and OLD. Although, I do covet vintage electronics, like art deco style tv sets/ radios, or an old telephone WITH ACTUAL BUTTONS.

White side bag that caught my eye in central. Me likey. It's white and it carries stuff. Not much more I can say.
Brown suede wedge boots, red one piece, aviators = a gift to the sartorial gods.

I attended the Hong Kong International Jewellery trade show. As I don’t look good in orange, and have an unnatural attachment to my Galaxy phone, frozen yoghurt, and er, freedom, I had to restrain myself from taking too many photos of the jewellery on display, due to copyright reasons. I did get a quick snap of one display case, but made sure it wasn’t too close up.

Quite honestly I am much more into fabric and garments than jewels, which is why I don’t own much expensive jewellery. I am fickle in my jewellery taste, and often lose jewellery. Perhaps jewellery is an acquired taste that will kick in once my bank account can accommodate it. Regardless, I do like shiny sparkly stuff and rather enjoyed this work assignment. There were sections called “World of Glamour” and “Hall of Fame” (surely the same thing?!), and categories such as antique, diamonds, gold, stainless steel etc. On the last day they apparently sell off most of their samples at ridiculously cheap prices, but alas I was bound by my 9-5 work day and didn’t have time to return.
Some of the assistants there. Not sure what inspired their Star Trek esque outifts.

Sparkly toe tips. SPARKLY. TOE. TIPS. Need I say more.
Awesome cape. Snap snap.

I also had the delightful opportunity to visit a couple of factories in China. One of which was a weaving factory. Behold my artistic phone snapshots of the machines a whirring. I actually do have a selection of good cameras, but often lack the inclination to lug the heavier ones around. A poor blogger I doth make. Factories in China are not nearly as bad as people may perceive them to be. Most are in large, industrial buildings with workers in casual wear. Some of the women, bizarrely, wear heels as they sit and work. Using fashion to add sparkle to the monotony of daily life? I feel ya, ye ladies of the cloth.