Friday, March 12, 2010

10 Tweets for Those Interested in Money

Everybody’s on Twitter. This social networking site is great for keeping up with friends and the goings on of people we’re interested in. However, did you know that Twitter is a great way to keep up with your interests, too? Many people noted in their fields use Twitter to disseminate advice and give relevant news updates. You can find information on investing, saving money, budgeting and even getting loans by following the right tweeters. Once you start following some of these tweets, you may find that you want even more information from them, which you can find on their websites, and, in some cases, on their television shows.  If you’re a financial type, here are ten people whose Tweets you might want to follow. 

1.   Ask Matt – Matt Krantz is a market reporter for USA Today. He writes a daily investment column and gives lots of good tweets about investing.  
2.   The Motley Fool – Well known investment column and website comes to Twitter. Get all the investment and financial advice you need in little tweets.
3.   Suburban Dollar – This website gives a layman’s view of personal finance issues. The writer isn’t a guru, but tackles a lot of common personal finance issues that many people face.
4.   Frugal Dad- The writer is dedicated to helping families save money and be more frugal. You’ll get some great tips here.
5.   Beating Broke – This website is great for those in debt. The premise of the site is helping people work their way out of debt responsibly.
6.   Breakout Stocks – A site designed for the short term investor. Find out the stocks that are showing short term highs and lows, so you can make good short term investing decisions.
7.   MO Financial – This site is a good place for do it yourself investors to get research and analysis information on the stock market. The writer is the president of Magnum Opus Financial.
8.   Better Trades – Get free investment courses and learn strategies for stock market trading from this site.
9.   Tom Keene – Tom is the host of Bloomberg Surveillance and Bloomberg on the Economy. He tweets relevant market information for investors.
1   Morning Star – This popular trading website gives information on the market in tweets. It’s a great place to find stock quotes and research information.
While you’re enjoying these tweets on Twitter, don’t forget to check out Mint on Twitter, too. Mint is a money management website that helps individuals and families keep track of their money, see where it’s going, budget and create wealth. The website takes the pain out of managing your family’s money. On Twitter, Mint combines and distills financial information from other Tweeters, so you can get snapshots and you can find out other websites you might want to follow on Twitter. 
Keeping up with your money, investing, and other financial matters has never been easier. Just like you keep up with your friends, Twitter lets you keep up with all things related to your money, too. 
M. Ward writes about how to get an online accounting degree.