Friday, March 12, 2010


Saree is a cloth worn by Indian women from long time. The word saree was derived from a Sanskrit word which meant cloth. It is the national dress of India which is vastly used for all the occasions or even in daily use. It is said to be the best known item of Indian Clothing, it is instantly recognizable and all who ree it instantly associate it with India. SIX YARDS of sheer grace and elegance is what the sari is all about!

Saree is an un-stitched long piece of cloth of various fabrics which needs to be draped in a particular way to achieve the fully dressed effect.

Women from ancient times used to drape long strips of cottons clothing which later termed as Saree. Saree is draped in different style and fashion as the fashion and style changes from time to time. Saree took the various draping forms from time to time. Saree now is worn and used in many flavors and styles in India and abroad. It is also made from many different fabrics ranging from soft and smooth silk to the comfort feeling cotton. Over the years the fashion has graduated and the style of draping a saree has gone through a lot of changes. Saree has dressed Indian women over the ages, and will continue to do so as long women are. Saree is a perfect wear of Indian Women. Indian Women, beacuse of Saree is known and recognized in all parts of world as an evergreen beauty of nature.

Saree is traditional and feminine dress which has been worn by the Indian ladies for centuries ago. Also From Hindu literature it is depicted from the paintings that Saree was used by so many ancient legendary figures like Radha, during the time of lord Krishna Draupati in Mahabarata.

It has also been seen in Indian history that Rajput Queen of Mughal Emperor Akbar in 16th century loved to wear Sari which were made of fine fabric, different types of hand work were also got done on it.