Monday, March 15, 2010

Types of Indian Sari

As discussed before that, A Saree is a piece of unstitched cloth styled in such a manner that perfects draper in a fascinating way to show her perfectly dressed, the apparel which suits for all the occasions or even in daily use. There are several varieties of Saree manufactured in India that too in different types and fabrics of cloth. The cost of Saree varies according to the quality of cloth and work done by artisans on Sari. Today Saree is available in different varieties that are, Pure silk Sari, Silk blended Sari, Art silk Sari, Cotton Sari, Cotton Blended Sari, Georgette Sari, Chiffon Sari, Crape Sari, Polyester Sari, Synthetic Sari.

Among these Sari some brands are commonly manufactured like Banarasi silk Sari, Kanjivaram silk Sari, Tepata silk Sari, Apoorva Bangalore silk Sari, Maysoor silk Sari, khadi silk Sari prepared by the artisans on loom. Rajasthani cotton Sari also named as, Akola Sari, Bagru Sari, Barmeri Sari, Sanganeri Sari. Printed Sari is prepared from the fabric cotton, georgette, chiffon, crape, polyester and synthetic etc.

Some of the hand work Sarees are also common these days which includes Lucknowi Karai Sari, Chikan work Sari, Sequens work Sari, Antique work Sari and Zari work Sari. Among traditional Saree , Bandhini Sari of Rajasthan and the Chanderi Sari of Madhya Pradesh are land marks in the history of Indian Sari. Venkatagiri and Poona Sari, Pochampali Sari and Maheswari Sari are also very fascinating.

The two essential parts of the attire, that completes the dress in saree are petticoat and blouse. Both of which should be chosen carefully to look beautiful in saree. Petticoat is used by Indian women which is to be worn under the Sari to hold the Saree placed properly on the portion from feet to waist on the body of a women. It is a waist-to-floor garment, tied tightly at the waist by a drawstring. For perfect and clean look no part of it should be visible after draping a saree on to it.

Other part of the saree, to complete the dressing, includes the cloth named blouse which comprises the part of Sari. It is also the integral part of the Saree, requires to be worn by women while dressing up in Sari. It is like a tight fitting compact part of choli either having sleeve or sleeveless and is worn on the upper part of the body covering the breast and ends just below the bust.