Thursday, March 4, 2010

Different Fashion and Styles in different parts of Country.

In India different girls from different states and places, uses different styles and patterns of costumes according to their tradition and culture. The states of Punjab and Haryana are famous for the phulkari(flower-work) shawls that are worn with a tight-fitting choli and gaghra. It is the traditional costume of rural women of this region and is made for everyday wear. Usually the border and field of the shawl were not so densely embroidered, with much of the ground cloth exposed. For ceremonial occasions, however, a special kind of phulkari known as a `bagh` (garden) was made, in which the whole of the ground was covered with embroidery, so that the base cloth was not visible at all. These Phulkaris are worn as the Dupatta or Odhani with Lehengas and Ghagra Cholis.

The use of embellishment is also refreshingly traditional and do not depend upon crystals, sequins or any other plastic ornamentation. In a wedding ceremony a bride first needs a wedding Saree with blouse set or a wedding lehenga and then matching jewelery set such as neck lace, earrings, ring, nose ring, Bangles, Payals, Foot rings and a shoe. These are most required things which a bride need.

However it has been seen that as the time changes the style and choice of the bridal costume has also changed intensely. In the past times it is the pattern to load the bride with the heavy costumes and heavy jewelry. But, In this new age it is not important to load the bride with costumes and jewelry from head to toe rather it is more important to see that the costumes she has worn is of the right choice and style. Today The style is, to look simple and decent with the grace and beauty.